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You choose your reality

Welcome! This site discusses the topic of free will.

I felt compelled to write the following texts as I find many explanations on the subject to be mysterious, unclear, distorted or long-winded.

My starting point is that free will exists and is generally underutilized. Through a process of widening awareness, we are able to intentionally create new choices. Anything is possible.

I would like to thank everyone for their help in the creation of this website and wish the reader much joy in applying or not applying the information.

Your will is the way.


Freeing the will

You can choose a perception that broadens your horizon and creates new possibilities at any given moment. A choice without adequate action is a wish: decide, trust, act.
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The philosophy of infinity

A complete philosophy affirms infinity and all its facets. Any form of denial is a distortion of its boundless essence. Free will exists, as its absence implies finitude.
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The Realisation of an Extraordinary Self Image

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