The philosophy of infinity

A complete philosophy affirms infinity and all its facets. Any form of denial is a distortion of its boundless essence. Free will exists, as its absence implies finitude.


This theory describes the mechanism of emergence and argues free will as a characteristic of consciousness.

The text is a basic explanation. Additional documentation is widely available.1

This knowledge is based on personal findings.

The philosophy of infinity

In the beginning?
It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Big Bang, mystical wisdom, or one or more gods, in almost all scenarios, the origin of our existence is similar; we seemingly arise from something that is infinite and independent of space and time. Without spacetime, we cannot talk about a place, past, or future.2 Something was not already somewhere. Something is.

All that is
Infinity has no beginning or end. There is nothing outside infinity. It is an unbounded, unconditional whole. Everything arises within it and is inherently connected to it. Therefore, there is no fundamental difference between its manifestations. We become aware of ourselves in an endless universe and possess a boundless imagination. Free will exists, as its absence implies finitude.3

Order from chaos
Throughout our universe, we discover patterns and structure everywhere. From galaxies to the ecosystem of our planet and the functioning of atoms, everything displays a harmonious stability. It is inconsequent to claim that an exact coherence randomly arises from disorder. The logical explanation is that unpredictable actions are simply not understood. Therefore, if we assume an organizing principle, it presupposes awareness. A prerequisite for awareness is a form of consciousness.4

Every manifestation in consciousness is emergent; energy arises as a choice from interaction in the moment. Everything is unique, inherently contributes to the whole, and has innate equality. The starting point is the intention to come to fulfillment. For us, this translates into naturally expressing inspiration. Restriction is an arbitrary experience in an unlimited range of choices.5

Key points
• Being proves infinity; everything exists in infinity
• Consciousness is fundamental and expresses itself in expanding awareness
• Everything is interconnected consciousness and has identical primary qualities
• Spacetime is consciousness; causality is optional
• Creation is emergent; the effect of mutual influence
• Every manifestation arises from a choice
• Sovereignty of a manifestation is reflected in stability
• Free will demonstrates itself as spontaneous organization
• Any form of hindrance is a chosen expression

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